Reviews About Africfood


“It was a lovely surprise to receive a sample of African food and to my quite experienced taste buds, it was really different and very very tasty. Especially the rice and the chicken with them African spices. Good luck, guys! Good stuff!”

Mr Gerber, Cambourne




“As an African in Cambridge, it is lovely to know that I have somewhere to go for all my African food needs. Africfood fills me up with warmth and energy, I am so happy to have discovered this treasure”

Mrs R, Ely

"I have been eating Ms Sunkamni´s tasty dishes for several years. Each morsel tastes so delicious, the quality of the ingredients is always consistent and nutritious and the presentation is always first class."

Mrs Joy Macarthy, London

“The food is very delicious especially the jollof rice, I love the spice.”

Ms B, Cambourne

“Every bit of the food is so enjoyable!”

Miss S, Cambourne

“Simply delicious!”

Mrs B, Cambourne

“The chicken and rice are very well balanced with nice flavour.”

Sam, Cambourne